New hygienic dummy holder needs your support

pozible hdh

New hygienic dummy holder

Baby lovers will love this new invention, Babies will love that this new patent pending dummy holder can be used with their chosen dummy and parents and carers wont be running after their toddler cleaning or swapping their dummy when out and about. The cover automatically falls over the dummy once the baby or toddler has spat it out. Yes I know ingenious however I need your help to launch it to the world. $90,000 has already been spent in the last 18 months on Research and development and patenting. If you could just pledge $5.00 towards my project on (Australia’s only crowd funding initiative, which provides a platform for artist and designers to realise their dream) Secure payment via credit card or paypal and if the project is not successful they will not take the money out. Please support this invention today.


About babysosbook

Baby SOS is a book written for parents so they can feel confident about taking care of their new born baby. There are more than 60 common problems with a variety of real solutions for parents to try. There is even a basic first aid section, written in conjunction with St John Ambulance Australia.
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