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Tip #61 – Cabbage Leaves

Sore breasts from breastfeeding? Don’t ask me why, but place one cold cabbage leaf from the fridge onto each breast under your bra to provide pain relief. To order a copy of the Baby SOS book, click here. Advertisements

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Tip #35 – Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding can be a little uncomfortable, but by investing in a v shaped pillow, it can help reduce this discomfort. The pillow props your baby up nicely and you don’t end up with a dead arm. Remember to have a … Continue reading

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Tip #7 – Feeding Baby

When bottle feeding, make sure your baby’s head is higher than their body, and that they are not lying flat. This allows gravity to help keep the milk in your baby’s stomach, especially if your baby suffers from reflux. To … Continue reading

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